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My so called life

Amazing love

Amazing love

My Mark and me

Stolen soul



    I stumbled upon a brillant soul

    The one which mine is matched

    Within a day I had it stole

    To grasp it merely scratched


    I gave it time to let love grow

    Wishing love would live

    Before I know that it was so

    I had no more to give  


    So as of now i declare without words    

    My love for you is eternal

    All I am is part of you    

    To remain in you nocturnal



To my favorite person






We met for the first time were when I was at Shyla's house, he camed over. She told me about him and she told him about me before we met. We were going to Pearl St. concert together. So, he parked his car at my house so that we all could walk to Pearl St. in which its closer to my house than rather spending $ for parking in Noho town. This is wat he said about when he first saw me...
Mark: when i walked in shylas house
Mark: i was stunned
Mark: i was kinda shy actually 
Mark: i thought u were outa my league 
Mark: lol
Kim: i interduced myself to you
Mark: i remember
Kim:i saw u were kinda frozed little bits....
Mark: yea

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